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Decadence In The Eve Of Destruction

My Cat's Watching You...YES, YOU!!!

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Date Created:03/04/2003
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The self proclaimed and now recognised Pope Of The London Alternative Scene, Il Papa Gryphon has achieved numerous pinnacles in his carreer, such as gathering the largest collection of nicknames known to man for himself. A metalhead in goth clothing and chameleon in black, his most recognisable feature is his cowboy hat, which doesn't seem to be removed, even during sleep. And most importantly, he is the I.C.D. of Dominion.
Strengths: A dynamic array of personas allow Il Papa Gryphon to infiltrate otherwise inpenetrable domains. These extra personalities also allow him to step into others shoes in order to calculate the character of those around him, evaluating in a psychological and sociological style. A twin wielding of wit and sarcasm complete the package that is this nutsoid long haired weirdo.
Weaknesses: People. If it were not for them, life would be so much simpler. Also prone to 'disappearing acts' for months on end in order to put his brain back in order. Other weakness' include red headed women, addictive computer games, a metabolism from Hell and cheesecake. Oh..and the perils of sometimes being either too nice, or too cold!
Special Skills: Psychology and advisement (and one day he may even take his own advise to sort his life out.....nah!). The ability to fit 6 slices of bread in his mouth at once. A mean shot on gun games. Can also draw rather well when his mind takes him.
Weapons: A can of aerosol and a lighter, a few hundred pounds of steel on wheels, a small army of Dominion members, an assortment of knives and a blue plastic lightgun.
Favourite Phrases: "If it's dumb, it's fun!" "If it works, use it. If it works twice....abuse it!" "cuntrabbits" "crapsticks" "Hmm... how about no?" "It's a good plan... only shit"

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